Performance Coaching


I’d like you to think about the person who invested in you and your success. Maybe it was a great coach you played for. Or maybe a fantastic teacher who believed in you. It could have been a dance or band instructor who pushed you and pulled more out of you than you thought you had. Maybe you had amazing parents who helped you believe you could accomplish anything. No matter who it was, how did that feel? It feels amazing to receive such support and challenge.

This is exactly what performance coaching with Leader’s Edge is all about. It’s the powerful combination of challenge and champion. The challenge makes us work and strive and develop the courage to go up just one more level. We challenge all our high performing clients to get out of their current comfort zone and try the very next level. Champion means being believed in. We champion and support our clients as well and believe every one is more powerful than they know.

"Great coaching focuses on the incremental improvements that can lead to exponential results"

– HR Huntsman

“I’m already pretty successful, why would I need a coach?” Think about all the great athletes around the world and throughout history. What is one thing they all had in common? You guessed it, coaches. Let that sink in. The best of the best still turned to coaches to help them achieve that marginal separation that made them champions. This same principle applies to business and life.

Great coaching focuses on the incremental improvements that can lead to exponential results. Bob Bowman helped Michael Phelps work on his pinkie placement in the water. Phil Jackson helped Michael Jordan focus on his footwork in the paint as well as being a better teammate. Performance coaching provides a powerful objective perspective. This can help you identify blind spots, overcome self-limiting beliefs and raise the bar of accountability that helps you achieve your dreams.

“How do I know if coaching is for me?” Performance coaching is certainly not for everyone. You will know if it’s for you if these apply. Do I passionately want to hone my craft? Do I find myself getting in my own way at times? Will I allow others to help me succeed? Am I open to being challenged and pushed? If you answered yes to all four of those questions then performance coaching with Leader’s Edge might be just the thing you need to help you get the results you are looking for. Please reach out to us today and set up a time for a free consultation. Our passion is to help you become the very best version of yourself.