Our Vision

We exist to empower leaders to become the very best version of themselves.

Our Mission

By interrogating reality, provoking creativity, and inspiring change, we help develop exceptional leaders and teams.

The Problems We Solve

The problem we often run into is frazzled business owners and executives working IN, not ON, their business. This can lead to disconnected teams, lack of commitment and little creative innovation. The result is leadership burnout, employee turnover, lower market share, lower productivity, and lower profits.

Our passion is to reignite leaders and help them empower their teams. We bring cohesion and collaboration. We teach teams how to mine for new ideas and help give the entire team a greater voice. This leads to energetic leadership working with a more engaged team for higher retention, productivity, creativity, and profits.



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A consummate professional coach who brings clarity and greatness to leaders, teams and individuals with a depth of knowledge, values, creativity and listening that I have found unsurpassed in my 30+ years of business.  I have had the pleasure to have gotten to know HR Huntsman and his Leader’s Edge Team over the past 3 years and can truly vouch for his passion and care in collaborating in outside the box ways of helping CEOs, companies of all sizes and individuals alike in making thought provoking decisions, evaluating and building stronger teams while cutting thru the clutter to get to the heart of the ‘why!'”

Corey Campbell

President, Classy Chassis, Inc.