Adventure Retreat


We are very excited to offer this creative team bonding growth experience beginning the summer of 2021.

We have designed these retreats to accomplish three powerful growth traits for you and your team: Challenging Learning, Team Bonding and Creative Play.

Challenging Learning

Your team (up to twelve people) will begin the retreat day with a half day workshop in the luxurious setting of our spacious mountain home. This workshop will be chosen to best fit the needs of the team at that time. Like all our workshops this workshop will be highly interactive and designed to fire up your team to lead and perform well.

Gourmet Lunch

After the workshop the team will break for a delicious lunch cooked by our very own Cordon Bleu trained chef. Imagine smoked tri tip hot from the Traeger, a crisp romaine salad, grilled veggies followed by chocolate chip cheesecake. The menu can be crafted to your liking with special consideration for any food allergies and/or the non meat-eaters among us.

"Our brains need creative play to be innovative, fresh, engaged and, well, creative."

– HR Huntsman

Team Bonding & Creative Play

After lunch…let the games begin. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” This isn’t just a pithy saying; it is backed up by loads of research. Our brains need creative play to be innovative, fresh, engaged and, well, creative. Adventure retreat participants will be broken into 2-3 person teams and sent out on the adventure course. The course itself is a competitive race taking the teams around our 40-acre property. Armed with a map and compass, teams will make their way around the course finding treasure, completing frontier style tasks, engaging in problem solving, learning about influential leaders throughout history and having a blast doing it. Successful teams will have to communicate well, delegate skill sets, work together and think. Your team will leave this adventure retreat sharper, fresher and more bonded. This will be a day they talk about for months to come.